Skincare science using snails? Yes, really!

For those of us who are starting to see visible signs of ageing, this may be the breakthrough we’ve been searching for. We present to you Cellpro by Endocare, a skincare regime that uses snail biotechnology that is clinically proven to regenerate ageing skin. It wakes up our existing fibroblasts, which are the engine behind skin rejuvenation, to keep our skin tight and firm. We may have found a miracle and of course its available at Pro Aesthetics Nottingham.


Introducing: Cellpro

Funnily enough, this fantastic facial science comes from snails. Extensive clinical research has found that the scientific snail, Cryptomphalus aspersa, has regenerative powers that display significant healing effects on damaged skin and can boost fibroblast production. What’s more, Cellpro is the only scientifically proven and licensed skincare system to utilize this technology. But, instead of smearing snail slime on your skin, Endocare Cellpro has kindly harvested the stem cell activators from these snails’ glands and utilized their science in its skincare regime – thoughtful, right?


How this skincare science works

So how does it work? Here comes the science. As our skin ages the number and activity of fibroblasts – the cells that produce collagen and elastin that keep us looking young – decreases and slows down. Endocare Cellpro contains a unique growth factor complex called CAF BioAction, which encourages your existing skin stem cells to turn into fibroblasts while boosting any other fibroblast activity to produce more collagen and elastin. Cellpro even adds a sprinkle of advanced Vitamin A technology for smoother and brighter skin, an advanced moisturising system, and an anti-ageing complex of Vitamins C and E, just for good measure.


Cellpro at Pro Aesthetics Nottingham

Here at Pro Aesthetics Nottingham we only champion the best skincare that is going to provide our clients with long lasting, effective results, which is why we stock Endocare Cellpro. It’s easy to transform your skin with just three Cellpro products in the powerful daily regime that suits every skin type and lifestyle, so for such simple skincare you really do reap fantastic results. Want to know more? Talk to us about your current skincare routine and learn how you can fight the signs of ageing skin with solutions by Cellpro.