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Clarify your Complexion and Embrace Radiant Skin

LPG Endermologie is a new technology that rejuvenates your skin by stimulating dormant cellular activity. A perfect alternative to injectables, this therapy smooths facial expression lines and lifts cheeks. LPG Endermologie boosts the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, resulting in firmed and revitalised skin.

This process also brightens the complexion which can often be dulled by stress, exposure to the sun, and regular tobacco consumption. To make the skin more radiant, Endermologie uses micro-pulsations, giving the skin a workout that oxygenates the tissues and evens out the complexion. Lastly, Endermologie can reduce the appearance of the double chin; this common feature is caused by the sagging of the skin and a build-up of fatty masses. Endermologie targets fatty masses by releasing stored fat and tightening the skin.

After the first session, you will notice that your skin becomes more radiant and supple with a brightened complexion that helps you to age better.

Benefits Of LPG Endermologie:

Smooths wrinkles & expression lines
Lifts cheeks
Clarifies & brightens complexion
Reduces the appearance of the double chin
Increases skin suppleness
Firms & tightens skin

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does LPG Endermologie differ from other techniques?

Unlike other similar treatments, LPG Endermologie helps you to age better, without damaging the skin or having side effects. Endermologie helps you to retain your natural facial expressions whilst improving the overall radiance of the skin and reducing the appearance of unwanted lines & wrinkles.

Is it a painful treatment?

No. During the treatment, you may feel increased blood circulation that aims to reawaken and stimulate your cells; however the process is relaxing and pain-free, as it is tailored to each individual. The settings can be customised to suit different skin sensitivities in order to provide every client with a pleasant experience.

How long will it take to see results?

Surprisingly, it only takes one session to begin seeing results! After the first session, your skin becomes more radiant and supple on account of the stimulated production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. With every session, your skin will become even more rejuvenated & revitalised.

More Information

How many treatments will I need?

Starting the treatment for the first time, you should have eight sessions, twice a week; this will kick start the collagenesis in your skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Do the results last?

LPG Endermologie is the same as any skincare routine, in order to keep your skin radiant and healthy, you need to take care of it regularly. The same applies to the endermologie treatment; after this treatment has firmed and smoothed your skin, you need to regularly stimulate your skin cells so that they do not return to their previous state. Just like your daily skincare routine, regular upkeep and care is the key to healthy skin. To nurture our patients after their LPG Endermologie treatment, we recommend having one maintenance session per month to maintain results.

What are the Contraindications?

-Blood disease


-Cosmetic surgery

-Cancer in progression

-Disease with inflammatory eruption

-Injections (wait 2 weeks)

-Anticoagulant treatment

Please consult your GP to ensure that LPG Endermologie is the right treatment for your skin.

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