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Advanced Non-Surgical Skin Tightening For The Face, Neck, And Décolletage

Plasma Pro is an advanced non-surgical skin tightening device that enables the lifting and tightening of sagging skin and the safe non-surgical removal of skin tags. Using plasma technology, energy is created between the tip of the handheld pen and the treatment area, turning the excessive tissue from solid to gas. This means it essentially ‘reduces’ the targeted skin without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue. It stimulates a natural healing process and the production of fresh collagen to improve the quality of your skin. Plasma Pro achieves instant results in tightening loose skin, reducing sagging folds, and removing moles and pigmentation. This treatment is also referred to as the non-surgical blepharoplasty for its ability to reduce and tighten sagging skin and fine lines for the upper and lower eyelids.

The Benefits Of Plasma Pro

– Non-surgical skin tightening for the face, neck, and décolletage
– Rejuvenates the face
– Performs the non-surgical blepharoplasty (eyelid tightening and correction)
– The plasma energy doesn’t travel through the skin, so it is safe in sensitive areas
– Non-invasive removal of skin tags
– Free Plasma Pro treatment consultation with Nottingham’s leading face and skin expert here at Pro Aesthetics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is suitable for this treatment?
Broadly speaking, anyone with the visible signs of ageing is suitable for Plasma Pro. Of course, we will discuss all you need to know at your free consultation with us.

Which areas does Plasma Pro treat?
Plasma Pro can treat almost any area of the face but is particularly effective when treating the upper and lower eyelids in improving fine lines and sagging skin. It is also a popular treatment for the neck and décolletage. Plasma Pro can also be used to remove moles and skin tags.

How does Plasma Pro work?
Plasma Pro is a handheld electronic device resembling a pen. The device charges up energy and creates a small concentration of plasma within the air between your skin and the tip itself. This energy then ‘zaps’ the skin directly beneath it, causing sublimation within the skin. Sublimation turns a solid particle into a gas, meaning that Plasma Pro essentially ‘removes’ these targeted areas of the skin. This energy created does not travel outside of the immediate area, making it very safe for use around the eyes. This controlled injury to the skin triggers the natural healing process and the production of collagen.

More Information

Is Plasma Pro safe?
Yes, this treatment is very safe, because the energy is not conducted within the skin and does not travel outside of its immediate affected area. There is no risk of damaging the surrounding tissue, but it must always be carried out by qualified hands such as those at Pro Aesthetics, Nottingham.

How long will my results last?
Your results will last for approximately two years before the visible signs of ageing become apparent in your skin again.

Are there any side effects?
There are some side effects that may require the following day or two spent at home and not at work. In the treated area you will experience small circles of burned or brown skin where the plasma energy has come into contact with your skin. You might also experience swelling and tenderness. We will discuss how to manage these side effects and any aftercare advice at your initial consultation.

What will I look like afterwards?
You will need approximately 2-3 days downtime for the swelling, especially when receiving treatment to the upper and lower eyelids, with skin flaking occurring until day 5. Keep your treatment areas as dry as possible, though you may apply light makeup the day after treatment. A soothing aftercare balm will be provided by your Pro Aesthetics practitioner which helps to soothe and maximise healing.

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