My chemical peel journey | Review & Results

As a skin clinic, we believe in creating long-term skin change that isn’t just superficial and visible on the surface. Though this is not to say that you won’t receive beautiful visible results, it will also remodel the inner workings of your skin. We helped one of clients transform their skin, and we’ve provided a chemical peel journey and day-by-day progression of the treatment results. Here is Charlotte’s chemical peel journey, client review, and chemical peel treatment results!

Charlotte’s chemical peel story


I’ve always had problems with my skin. Ever since I was a teenager, my skin has been problematic, confusing, and frustrating. Sometimes overly oily and sometimes overly dry, it was subject to change with the weather, temperature, and simply overnight. I’ve long searched for skincare products that could help me manage my skin, but to no avail. I turned to Pro Aesthetics Nottingham to help me pull my skin, blemishes, and oil production back under control so that my skin’s health could finally reach a balance!

What I needed to address

– Blemishes, spots, and some mild acne
– Lessen my breakouts and random outbursts of spots
– Manage my skin’s oil production
– Lessen the uneven skin tone and pigmentation my spots brought with them

After talking with Rosey, I opted for a course of chemical peels. We used the Obagi Blue Radiance Peel and wow, am I pleased!

My skin peel treatment process

The first step was cleansing my skin with a mild cleanser and drying this off before taking a rough bandage-like fabric and rubbing it very roughly. This is a light exfoliation, I was told, that helps remove the very surface level skin cells and also helps to open up my pores. My skin would be more receptive to the peel with this kind of ‘opening up’ of the skin, and I looked a little pink afterwards which is only a good thing!

After this, Rosey prepared me for my peel. I lay on the treatment bed and ensured my hair was pushed back with a headband before the first layer of chemical peel was applied. It was soaked into a gauze that was then wiped across my face. Depending on how deep you’d like to peel penetrating, Rosey told me that she could either apply it softly or with a little more umph. Naturally, I opted for the umph. After this was left to soak in and take action, a few minutes passed and a second layer was applied in the same method.

After this second layer had settled and worked its magic, my face was cleansed with the same gentle cleanser that I began my treatment with. With this lovely completion of the chemical peel circle, my treatment was finished after a sun cream and moisturizer was applied.

What my chemical peel felt like

My chemical peel felt very… tingly. It did sting and it did make my eyes water, but I think that was more due to the fumes of the peel itself. I wouldn’t say it was painful, but it does make you tense your tummy and exhale slowly. Rosey helped with managing this by tapping her medically gloved fingers over my skin, creating a new sensation on my skin and distracting me from the stinging. This helped a lot and Rosey was very empathetic. The second layer of peel wasn’t as bad as the first because my skin had already reacted, so the second layer went on much easier.

What I saw immediately after treatment

Immediately after treatment, the skin reacts by ‘frosting’. This means parts of your top layer of skin goes white and a little dusty, and this shows that the peel has penetrated to the deepest level its can. The more frosting there is, the more penetration your chemical peel achieved. My skin was also a little pink after the treatment, understandably, and it was more red before I went to sleep (below)


My chemical peel day-by-day diary


Post-peel day 1

Day 1 post-peel and I was still a little pink. It was nothing compared to my pink flush immediately after treatment, so I just looked like I’d received a minor sunburn or had been jogging and was nice and rosy afterwards! My skin felt a little tight because it was reacting to the peel, getting ready to shed the damaged skin cells. It still tingled a little if I stretched my mouth, but no pain and no discomfort.


Post-peel day 2

My second day post-peel saw some darkening of the skin where the dead and damaged skin cells were drying out. This brought out the spots and blemishes hiding beneath the surface of the skin that hadn’t come to a head yet. The spots darkened to the little red circles you can see in the image, and my skin felt tighter and even a little itchy.


Post-peel day 3

Day 3 was when the real peel process kicked in! My blemishes were my being drawn out, the skin around and atop them darkened and dry. My top layer of skin was tight, dry, itchy, and crinkled when I frowned or smiled. This was actually quite amusing – my colleagues loved it. This shows the peel drawing out my spots, drying out my oils, and getting ready to shed my flaky surface skin.


Post-peel day 4

Miraculously, by day 4 I emerged from my chemical peel chrysalis. My skin had been flaking and peeling in droves, and Rosey had instructed me not to pick at it no matter how itchy it got! Day 4 I was amazed – my spots had been dried out and releveled, my uneven skin tone was clearer and more uniform, and my skin felt plush and fresh. However, what this photo doesn’t show is that there were still some flakey bits of skin around my forehead, jaw, and nose. These were minor though, and my itching had subsiding.


My skin now

My skin now is much more under control. I’ve had a full course of chemical peels and my skin hasn’t been this manageable and reliable in years. I’m no longer suffering sporadic breakouts, the spots I do get aren’t aggressive like they used to be, and as a result I’m not getting any new scarring or hyperpigmentation because of it.


If you’d like to book a skin consultation at Pro Aesthetics, then simply get in touch. We offer free consultations for all of our treatments and would be happy to talk you through your skin’s health and treatment options. If chemical peels aren’t right for you, we have a range of other skin treatments and professional skincare ranges, so you can truly find the best option for you. Enquire online or give us a call on 0115 9831097 today!