Dermalux LED Therapy

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Dermalux LED Therapy

Harness the power of light and skin healing

The Dermalux LED device uses Phototherapy to target a range of skin issues, reducing the appearance of aging and promoting a more radiant complexion, while also reducing the presence of finer wrinkles. Clinically proven wavelengths, including infrared, are emitted by high power LEDs to penetrate the skin and activate its natural processes to improve functioning, promoting regeneration and repair.

The blue light manages bacteria to reduce breakouts and blemishes, as well as manage acne. The yellow light can help sensitive skin with flushing and redness. It’s helpful for rosacea sufferers. The red and yellow lights together are great for skin rejuvenation, and hair rejuvenation. They boost collagen and refine the skin texture.

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Treatment Time

30 minutes

Expected Results

Boosted skin hydration and smoother skin texture




No downtime


Not necessary


SPF is important following treatment

Dermalux LED Therapy

Benefits of
Dermalux LED Therapy

By stimulating the skin at a cellular level, Dermalux LED therapy treatment improves the production of collagen, reduces inflammation, and enhances overall skin health.

  • Enhances skin elasticity
  • Stimulates collagen
  • Lessens blemishes, redness, and irritation
  • Alleviates psoriasis, eczema, and muscular discomfort
  • Suitable for everyone
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Dermalux LED Therapy

1. Your

Firstly, the practitioner will discuss your concerns and expectations regarding the treatment with you. This will allow the practitioner to determine if Dermalux LED treatment is suitable and can effectively address their specific skin concerns. The practitioner will also assess the your skin type, condition, and any underlying health issues that may affect the treatment.

Dermalux LED Therapy

2. Your

The practitioner will cleanse the skin to ensure it is free from any impurities. Once the skin is prepared, the Dermalux LED device will be positioned close to the face and switched on. The client will feel a warm and relaxing sensation as the light is emitted onto their skin.

Dermalux LED Therapy

3. Aftercare

Avoid direct sun exposure for 24 hours following the treatment. This is because the skin may be slightly more sensitive to sunlight after the LED therapy. It is also advisable to use a high-quality sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher on a daily basis to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Dermalux LED Therapy

Amazing Results



  • Dermalux LED therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses different colours of light to target specific skin concerns. The treatment works by emitting low-level light energy onto the skin, stimulating the natural healing processes within the cells. The different colours of light used in Dermalux therapy penetrate the skin at varying depths, targeting specific concerns such as acne, pigmentation, and aging. The red light stimulates collagen production, promoting a more youthful appearance, while the blue light targets the bacteria that causes acne, reducing inflammation and breakouts.

  • This LED therapy device can be employed all over the face and body, wherever the most attention is needed.

  • It does not present any danger as it does not feature any dangerous wavelengths, such as UV, nor does it generate heat. This means that it cannot cause any negative effects on the skin, being safe for all skin types.

  • The amount of treatments needed will be based on your skin type and any issues you may have. At the beginning of the process, we’ll discuss what would be the optimal approach for you. Typically, 1-2 sessions every week for 4 weeks, with maintenance appointments every month should achieve good results.

  • Generally, the greatest effects from Dermalux LED Phototherapy will be evident after a full course of sessions. Nonetheless, certain customers have seen immediate improvements, and improvements could persist up to a month and a half after treatment. As natural skin processes are activated and new collagen is developed, the effects will become more evident over time.

  • The effects can remain for multiple months, at which point maintenance treatments might be suggested in order to preserve the changes and guarantee that they are retained.

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