Aesthetic Practitioner – Choose one in 4 steps

Aesthetic procedures such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections have become increasingly popular and increasingly more available, with celebrities and the public alike indulging in rejuvenating their face and smoothing their lines. Many people are considering aesthetics treatments for the first time but may not know where to start, and need to find a trustworthy aesthetic practitioner. So here are four must-do safety tips to ensure your aesthetics treatments are safe and successful.


Who is your aesthetic practitioner?

  • Know your practitioner’s qualifications – Treatments like anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers have become so popular that you can now receive it in beautician clinics and salons, which is a big safety concern. Because line softening treatments are only available through a prescription, you should always read up on your aesthetic practitioner’s qualifications to ensure they are qualified and experienced enough to administer it. Pro Aesthetics Nottingham is staffed only by trained independent nurse prescribers, so you know you will always remain safe in our care. It’s important not only for your own peace of mind but for your safety that you trust your practitioner’s experience and certifications.


Do they offer a free consultation?

  • Always request a consultation first – A consultation can help you stay safe without the pressure of committing to treatment. This way you can find out about your treatment, ask any questions you may have, and learn what your own personal outcome will be. Take the opportunity to talk about any concerns you have, what to expect after treatment, and aftercare. Receiving an aesthetic treatment like dermal fillers for the first time might be scary for some people, but your practitioner should always fill you with confidence at the consultation. At Pro Aesthetics Nottingham, we will never push you towards a treatment, which is why we offer free no-obligation consultations for all of our treatments.


Are you comfortable?

  • Take time to decide – After your consultation, your aesthetic practitioner should always allow and encourage 2-3 days before booking in for your treatment. We can usually treat dermal fillers on the same day because they can be reduced or dissolved, but for line softening treatments we insist on some reflection time because it is prescription-based. For first time clients, this will give you enough time to think about everything covered in the consultation so you can reach an informed decision rather than deciding in the spur of the moment. We always recommended avoiding same-day appointment clinics. It’s best to wait, rather than to rush in!


Is support available to you?

  • Keep your practitioner in the loop – After your aesthetics treatment, you may experience some side effects. For dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, you could experience some swelling or redness, amongst other side effects. It’s perfectly normal to experience side effects, but if something doesn’t feel right or you would like a little bit of clarification, then you can always call us again. We’re here to offer you advice, calm your nerves, and manage any complications should they arise. We recommend that you keep us updated as to any changes because they may be perfectly normal and we can put your mind at ease. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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Pro Aesthetics Nottingham is run by independent nurse prescribers and practitioners, Rosey and Nikki, who have 17 years of experience between them in non-surgical aesthetics and extensive NHS backgrounds. We always strive to give honest consultation and advice, so you can feel safe and confident in our care. Contact us today for your free consultation!