Dermal filler safety and the Love Island effect

Dermal fillers always become more popular in younger men and women, and indeed some more mature clients, when television shows like Love Island appear on our television screens. This is understandable, as many contestants have aesthetic treatments both surgical and non-surgical and even dental to enhance their beauty for the show. Whilst we think that dermal fillers should be a personal choice for yourself and you alone, not to mirror someone on television, we do think that dermal filler safety should be talked about when they become this popular. This is especially so when worrying cases take to the news of ‘botched dermal filler treatments’ because a client was unknowingly visiting a disreputable practitioner.


In this post, we’re going to talk you through who you should visit for treatment, what to consider, and how to make sure your results are still ‘you’.


Who you should be going to for your dermal filler

This is probably one of the most common and yet unknown mishaps that happens when clients come to us with ‘botched’ dermal fillers – they go to the wrong person. You need to make sure you’re satisfying the following questions when you choose your practitioner:


Are they medically trained? Are they experienced? Do they offer me a consultation beforehand? Have they answered my questions honestly? Can they manage any side effects or complications?


Dermal fillers and lip fillers are half as good as the product used, and half as good as the person administering them. Because you’re having an injectable product placed under your skin, you should only seek the treatment from a medical professional such as a Nurse Prescriber or Doctor. These professionals are better equipped to help you manage side effects or complications if they arise, and it’s in these rare cases that you could save yourself a lot of pain and worry. There have been occasions over the last 2 years where complications haven’t been recognised by a non-medical injector and the client has been in a lot of discomfort…


Reasonable expectations and your own natural beauty

Watching programmes like Love Island will naturally lead a lot of people to compare themselves to the beautiful faces they see on television, and this is another personal item to consider. Seek a practitioner that will enhance your face, not attempt to recreate a contestant you like the lips or cheeks of, because inevitably you are going to stray from your natural face or lip shape. Dermal fillers look their most natural and their most beautiful when they follow yet enhance your natural features, because you still look like ‘you’ afterwards. We at Pro Aesthetics Nottingham always ensure we have our clients’ best interest at heart, and will always be honest about whether or not a treatment outcome is achievable at that given time. Everyone is unique and everyone is beautiful in their own right, so dermal filler treatment should always be tailored to your beauty, not someone else’s.


Don’t shop on price – you get what you pay for

Unfortunately, comparatively cheap prices for filler might not always be the best for you. Prices often signify two things: the quality of the product and the quality of the injector. If you are paying a cheap price for your fillers, you have to consider the quality of the dermal filler being used as it must be fairly cheap or lesser known brand that isn’t high quality. The cheap prices might also indicate that the injector isn’t as qualified or experienced as they claim to be, and therefore won’t deliver safe or as effective treatments. You not only compromise your results, but your safety. We always try to keep our prices competitive and only use well-known industry-leading products such as Juvederm and Restylane for your satisfaction and safety.


Final words

Our final words on dermal filler safety, practitioner responsibility, and Love Island is this: you should always seek a medical professional who will put you, your safety, and your results first. When a practitioner follows your natural face and lip shape and doesn’t conform to a Love Island ideal, dermal fillers are subtle and yet striking. Don’t compare yourself to reality television contestants, because everyone is unique anyway, but if you do feel you’d like injectable treatments after seeing what they’ve achieved for people like Love Island contestants, seek a medical practitioner you feel you can trust.


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