The best skin treatments before a night out

When you’re going out – whether it’s for a dinner, a night of dancing, or mingling at an event – you naturally want to look and feel great. Few feelings compare to your self-confidence when you’re comfortable in your skin and loving it, so here is the Pro Aesthetics Approved list of best skin treatments before a night out.

The best skin treatment for going under your makeup for a night out

The best skin treatment that will still be visible underneath foundation or face products is definitely Dermaplaning. When we put makeup on our skin, it can exacerbate enlarged pores, our tiny natural facial hairs, and patches of dry skin. Sometimes it sits on these problem areas too visibly, causing us to feel self-conscious of how our makeup and our skin looks.

Dermaplaning helps with this twofold. We use a fine surgical scalpel to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin. For want of a better word, we scrape the surface of the skin to take off the dead, dying, and dry skin cells on the surface. This helps to remove any debris that may dull your skin, but also removes dead skin that your makeup may cling to.

There’s more though – dermaplaning also removes the very thin vellus hairs (or peach fuzz) we have on our face. These occur everywhere on our face, but most notable on our cheeks, jawline, and sometimes forehead. This helps your makeup sit smoothly on your skin, and there are less hairs for product like powders and blushers to cling to, helping it to appear more matte.

This treatment is also beautiful for your skin if you’re not wearing face makeup, too, but if you’re someone who likes to get dolled up then dermaplaning is the perfect pre-night-out treatment. This treatment can be performed the day before or the day of your event, depending on your skin type. For best results, consult with one of our skin specialists first.

The best skin treatment for bare or natural skin for a night out

Like we mentioned earlier, dermaplaning is also fabulous for helping clear and brighten your complexion even without makeup going on top of it. However, we’re going to look at something different for this one.

The HydraFacial is now well-known as a magical skin detox. With its handheld pen-head, it can help purge the skin of impurities using its vortex extraction system. Oil, sebum, blackheads, and debris of the skin are sucked out of the pores and beautiful serums are flushed into the dermis. The result

Because of the mild irritation that could follow this treatment, as there is more involved here than with dermaplaning, we do recommend you arrange this for at least 2 days before your event. There might be some flushing after the treatment, but after a few days this will calm down. After your results settle, you can enjoy cleansed, detoxed skin that will look radiant with no makeup. For those people wondering how to get glass skin for an event, the HydraFacial is your ticket.

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