What is a thread lift?

As we are all aware, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, it’s known to be time consuming, expensive, and associates itself with a lot of risks so it’s no wonder that clients are searching for safer and less invasive alternatives. Imagine a treatment which was available to you that could instantly lift sagging and ageing skin while kickstarting the skins natural regeneration? Well, the answer for that is the non-surgical thread lift.

 A brief guide to the thread lift

The thread lift has acid structures, or threads, that are commonly used during surgery. The threads have tiny cones on them that holds them in place in the skin tissue. They are placed beneath the skin under only local anaesthetic to instantly fit areas of the face and skin.

What does the thread lift treat?

The thread lift treats mild sagging of the cheeks, jawline, and nasolabial folds. It does this by lifting the sagging and thinning skin upwards, reintroducing your facial contours and softening the appearance of a rounded jawline. Those with more facial sagging may require a combination of injectable treatments with these threads in order to achieve the best results, but this is something to be discussed at your individual consultation and after assessing your treatment areas.

Is this treatment safe?

The threads used are entirely sterile, so they are naturally broken down over time in the skin and dissolved by the body. This means that no menacing material is being introduced to your skin and they are not a form of permanent dermal filler, so this treatment is very safe. It is also now advisable that you only seek this treatment through qualified practitioners who are fully registered like those here at Pro Aesthetics.

Collagen stimulation

The cones on the threads are what stimulates collagen production, as well as the threads themselves. These cones are made of exactly the same material, so they too dissolve over time, but they perform remarkably within the skin. When you move your face by smiling or talking, your skin contracts and rubs against these cones. The skin registers this friction and produces and regenerates collagen around the cones because its healing powers are being awakened.

Thread lift in Thrumpton

If you’re experiencing the unwanted signs of ageing and would like to lift falling skin, contact us here at Pro Aesthetics to begin your thread lift journey today.