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Advanced skin exfoliation and rejuvenation

The DermaPeel is a unique facial treatment that combines Dermaplaning with a chemical peel. First, your dead skin cells and vellus hairs are removed using a surgical scalpel, providing surface-level exfoliation. Then, a chemical peel is applied to the skin to improve skin quality, rebalance oil production, a remodel deeper skin layers. Beginning with Dermaplaning helps the chemical peel to penetrate further into the skin, bringing further rejuvenation than just one of these treatments alone. The results are more radiant, vibrant, and brighter skin. The DermaPeel is suitable for all skin types, all ages, and even darker skin tones.

Benefits of the DermaPeel

– Combines two super effective exfoliation treatments
– Dermaplaning helps the chemical peel to penetrate deeper skin layers
– Smooths, brightens, and evens out a tired complexion
– Removes ‘peach fuzz’ vellus hairs and exfoliates away dead skin cells
– Suitable for all skin types and even dark skin tones

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a DermaPeel?
We begin with Dermaplaning, a treatment that uses a surgical scalpel to gently remove dead skin cells, surface-level debris, and thin vellus hairs from your face. This also helps to open up pores and hair follicles as we are helping to remove blockages. Dermaplaning prepares the skin for the next step, which is the chemical peel. A peel solution is applied to your skin to perform a chemical exfoliation, which we then cleanse away and soothe.

Why combine Dermaplaning with a chemical peel?
Dermaplaning helps the chemical peel to penetrate the skin deeper than it otherwise would. It removes the dead skin cells blocking the pores, meaning that the skin can absorb the peel solution much more effectively than if we hadn’t performed this initial exfoliation. This makes the chemical peel more effective, and the results more effective too.

Who is suitable for a DermaPeel?
Any skin type, age, and gender is suitable for a DermaPeel. It can event treat darker skin types and tones too.

More Information

When will I see my results?
Because this treatment uses a chemical peel, you will see your results 3-5 days after your initial treatment. You may experience some mild peeling and redness, but this should subside to reveal healthy and glowing skin.

How many treatments will I need?
You will notice a change in your skin after your first treatment, but long-lasting results will be achieved after a course of treatments. This is because this treatment encourages the skin to remodel, so your optimum results will be achieved after a full treatment course.

Is there any aftercare?
You will need to wear sun protection after your treatment and for the proceeding 3-4 days while your chemical peel results develop. This is because your skin may be a little sensitive to the sun, so sun protection will help prevent irritation. Lighter facial cleansers and moisturisers are also advised to help your results develop and prevent sensitivity.

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