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Stimulate Skin Healing And Rejuvenation

Our stimulating microneedling treatment and skin rejuvenation treatment carried out by Nottingham’s leading face and skin expert uses the body’s own natural processes to heal and regenerate from within. Microneedling is the perfect anti-ageing solution, using a series of tiny needles on a handheld device to create minuscule needle columns injury in the skin. These punctures close almost as immediately as they’re opened, but these controlled piercings stimulate your skin’s natural healing processes and neocollagenesis. By creating tiny punctures on the skin’s surface, we encourage the fresh production of skin cells and collagen to heal the skin from within, prompting the shedding of these damaged superficial cells. Not only capable of introducing a fresh-faced glow, but microneedling also softens the appearance of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, volume loss, and uneven pigmentation and skin tone. This treatment will breathe new life into your skin,  making it radiant and revitalised once again. 

Benefits Of Microneedling

– Skin kickstarts its collagen and elastin production
– Softens mild acne scarring
– Naturally stimulates your skin’s healing processes for rejuvenation
– Treats uneven pigmentation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
– Soften fine lines with fresh collagen production
– Quick and effective

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does microneedling treat?
Our microneedling treatment is an incredibly versatile treatment that tackles all manner of skin complaints. It significantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, volume loss, acne scarring, and uneven pigmentation. Even if you’re not experiencing a complex skin condition, microneedling is still effective at promoting your skin’s overall health and gifting it with a healthy glow and complexion.

How does microneedling work?
Using an electronic hand-held device, tiny needles pierce your skin repeatedly to create precise needle columns that close quickly. These surface wounds, however, trigger a healing and inflammatory response from the deeper layers of the dermis to produce fresh skin cells and collagen. While the damaged tissue is shed, a new layer is prepared to take its place. This makes this treatment incredibly versatile, with the ability to improve a wide manner of skin complaints.

Are there any side effects of microneedling?
One of the great things about microneedling is that it requires very little downtime. Immediately following treatment, your skin may appear a little flushed and red, though this is entirely natural. Some tightness and sensitivity could ensue, though these side effects should only last a day or so. You may return to work immediately after treatment and experience no more than a slight tingling. It’s essential you wear SPF 50 to protect your vulnerable skin for the following week after treatment.

More Information

Is microneedling painful?
We use a topical numbing cream to soften any treatment sensations and ensure your comfort. In the medically qualified hands of Rosey and Nikki, you are perfectly safe.

How many treatments should I have?
Due to its regenerative properties, a course of 3 treatments at intervals of 3 weeks will typically provide the best results. This is because a course constantly prompts the skin to remodel itself, prolonging the treatment benefits and continually promoting the health of your skin. A good skincare routine will help support the development of your results.

When will I see my results?
Because microneedling works beneath the skin and stimulates its natural healing processes, it can take up to 6 weeks for visible signs to show. These results will continue to develop over the following months as the regenerative process continues, and are optimised by repeating microneedling treatments. We advise two courses a year for optimum results.

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