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Non-surgically lift sagging and loose skin

The PDO Threadlift has earned the affectionate nickname of the non-surgical facelift, because it requires only a local anaesthetic and minimal downtime. As we age, we lose essential proteins in our skin that keeps it firm, structured, and full of bounce. This, in turn, leads to loose and sagging skin that soften our facial contours and create unwanted folds. The PDO Threadlift places dissolvable threads in the skin of the mid-face to gently pull sagging skin upwards, reinstating facial structure in the cheekbones and jawline. These threads also promote the production of collagen every time the soft issue around them interacts with them, promoting the long-term development of your results. In just one appointment and under no more than a topical anaesthetic we can produce soft, natural-looking, yet incredibly effective results for skin lifting and firming.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas can the PDO Threadlift treat?
A PDO thread lift can rejuvenate ageing skin and tighten sagging or loose folds in the under-eye area, crow’s feet, cheeks, nose to mouth lines, jawline, and jowls. It effectively lifts and firms the falling soft tissue of the face to create facial structure and rejuvenation.

How does the PDO Threadlift work?
A PDO Threadlift non-surgically lifts the skin with biodegradable threads. These are placed within the soft tissue of the skin with minimal invasiveness to lessen any bruising and discomfort. The threads lift the skin to tackle loosened folds and also promote the production of collagen in the area. This adds volume in the skin and stimulates better blood flow, allowing your results to continue to develop for months after treatment.

When will I see my results?
Your results are visible immediately after your treatment, but your full rejuvenation will be reached after 1-2 months. This is because the skin’s own internal processes, such as increased blood flow and collagen production, will still be developing and therefore will become visible after this time.

More Information

How long will my results last?
After a full 9 months, the threads will have safely been dissolved and recycled by your body. However, because the skin’s natural processes are still stimulated, your results will continue to be visible for a few months after this before another treatment is needed.

Are there are side effects?
The PDO Threadlift does come with a few side effects, but these are completely natural to experience and temporary. Common side effects include skin tightness, swelling, soreness, and bruising, though these should ebb within a few days of treatment. Because of how minimally invasive this treatment is and its lack of downtime, there is limited trauma to your skin.

Is this PDO Threadlift safe?
The threads themselves are incredibly safe to use, because they are biodegradable and recycled by the body over the course of a few months. The procedure is minimally invasive, ensuring as little trauma to your skin as possible. This treatment should only be carried out by medical professionals that are specifically trained in the procedure, such as Rosey and Nikki.

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