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Rejuvenate And Regenerate Tired, Dull, And Ageing Skin

Your skin is often the first part of you to encounter your surroundings and environment, so maintaining its health can sometimes be an uphill battle. Sun damage, the signs of ageing, and even pollutants in the air take their toll on our skin, dulling it and sapping its vitality. Our skin peels at the Pro Aesthetics skin clinic in Nottingham create a controlled wounding on the surface of the skin, stimulating the fresh production of new skin cells and collagen while treating blemishes. Our tailored range of skin peels are capable of treating hyperpigmentation, acne, congested, tired or dull skin, and the visible signs of ageing. Theses skin peels are the perfect solution for brightening and revitalising your skin, returning your youthful glow and instilling a sense of confidence.

Benefits Of Skin Peels

– We use trusted brands such as Obagi to deliver effective results
– Rebalance oil production in congested skin
– Treat mild acne scarring and blemishes in spot-prone skin
– Smooth unwanted hyperpigmentation
– Create healthier, more youthful-looking skin
– Restore a bright and even glow to dull, tired, or drained skin

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do skin peels work?
Our skin peels work by creating a light wounding on the surface of the skin, exfoliating away the dead, damaged, and dying cells on the surface. This reveals a fresher, younger layer beneath and also stimulates the fresh production of skin cells and collagen. Skin peels also strip away excess oil, dry out spots, and work to minimise pores to optimise your skin’s health. A course of skin peels could even permanently rebalance your skin’s oil production, essentially pressing ‘reset’ on congested and acne-prone skin. An overall healthy glow and vibrancy are restored to the skin, creating a more youthful complexion.

What skin conditions do skin peels treat?
Our skin peels regenerate the skin, stimulating the production of fresh and untouched skin cells as well as skin components for laxity and volume. This makes them perfect for treating hyperpigmentation, acne, ageing skin, and enlarged pores. Even if you’re not experiencing a complex skin condition, skin peels are effective at just reintroducing vitality and glow to your skin.

Do these treatments hurt?
Depending on the depth of the skin peel you receive, sensations will vary. A light or superficial skin peel will feel a little tingly, but it shouldn’t become uncomfortable at any point. A medium depth peel, however, will sting a little more because its stronger ingredients allow it to penetrate to deeper levels of the skin. We will prep, prime, treat, and soothe your skin in your peel appointment to best manage these sensations and provide you with the most comfortable treatment journey possible.

More Information

When will I see my results?
You will notice changes in your skin just days after your first peel, but your optimum results are seen up to a week after your treatment. The best results are achieved with a course of skin peels to best prolong your results and promote long-term skin changes.

Do I need to perform aftercare?
It’s very important that you protect your skin with a broad-spectrum SPF 50 for up to a week post-treatment. This is because your skin is healing and regenerating, revealing younger layers that are a little more vulnerable to sunlight. It’s also recommended you use a lighter facial cleanser for a few days while your skin settles and adjusts, and we’d always recommend not to pick at your skin while it recovers. During your free consultation, we will discuss with you at-home skincare to maintain and better your results.

Will I need more than one skin peel?
You’ll notice a difference after your first peel, but we always recommend a course of treatments to provide the best results. A course of 3 – 6 skin peels helps promote long-term change in your skin while also ensuring the best results.

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