Discreet Skin Clinic Treatments for Tired and Ageing Skin

The ageing process is a fact of life that will come for us all, no matter how well we look after our skin. There, we said it! When you’re in your 20s, you stop producing collagen, which is a skin compound essential to laxity, bounce, and firmness. By yours 30s, your existing collagen levels begin to decrease by around 1% each year, beginning a gradual yet unyielding decline to loosening skin and fine lines. Once your collagen production has naturally stopped, however, this doesn’t mean that production cannot be stimulated again. We understand the need for discreet treatments that aren’t immediately visible and natural rejuvenation, which is why we’ve put together a list of recommended discreet skin clinic treatments for tired and ageing skin.


Profhilo is an injectable treatment, but it isn’t technically a dermal filler. Where dermal fillers can be used to alter the structure and volume of a specific facial feature, like the cheeks or lips, Profhilo is actually an injectable skin treatment. It’s been affectionately likened to injectable skincare or an injectable moisturiser. It is made from 100% hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring skin substance used for skin hydration. What it does when it is injected into the skin is spread beneath the matrix rather than staying in one place to augment, as fillers do. The hyaluronic acid draws moisture towards it and retains it, improving the appearance of sagging, loosened, and crepey skin. This discreet skin clinic treatment improves your skin quality, not certain features, so it provides the kind of changes that will earn compliments and a youthful glow without anyone actually being able to put their finger on what’s different about you.



Microneedling is another discreet skin treatment that doesn’t augment or change facial features in a noticeable way but improves your complexion and skin quality. What this treatment does is encourages the skin to remodel and regenerate skin cells from the lower levels and make these changes evident on the surface. Tiny microneedles in a handheld pen are used to superficially pierce the skin, leaving minuscule microcolumns in the dermis. The skin reacts by healing itself, producing collagen and elastin and fresh skin cells to heal and replace those damaged. Some damaged skin cells shed as dry skin, and some are healed by the internal processes, leaving clearer and healthier-looking skin. We’ve walked you through what the microneedling treatment process is before! This skin clinic treatment is perfect for those who are seeking to reinvigorate tired and ageing skin through a fresh glow. A full course of these treatments also improves the skin’s laxity, helping to discreetly lift the targeted area.


Skin clinic products and top tips for ageing skin

We’re very proud to offer professional skincare ranges such as Obagi and AesthetiCare, but we also offer products to improve the appearance of ageing skin. Cellpro, for example, is clinically proven to regenerate ageing skin. It is a topical cream that stimulates your skin’s natural fibroblasts using stem cell activators, the engines behind skin rejuvenation, to tighten and firm the treatment area. As well as Cellpro, we offer Retinol and Vitamin C products to increase skin cell turnover in your skincare routines. Your practitioner can help you identify which Obagi skincare system to choose.

And, as always, sun protection will help protect ageing skin from further damage!

As your dedicated skin clinic in West Bridgford, Nottingham, we are always on-hand to answer any questions you may have. We understand the importance of discreet skin clinic treatments with natural-looking results, which is why we offer so many solutions to improving the skin’s appearance and health rather than simply augmenting the features. Book your free consultation with a member of our team today on 0115 9831097.